Engineering program gives local kids access to STEM education


Engineering for Kids South Kern County gives kids across the county access to STEM education.

In 2014, Tayndra and Mack Hunter brought the program to Kern County to provide STEM,  science, technology, engineering and math, activities for pre-k through eighth graders.

“When kids get exposed to things earlier in life, because their minds are like little sponges and they soak up more,” said Mack Hunter. “When they are exposed to stuff like STEM they are more likely to pursue a career in STEM.”

Teaching coding, to robotics, to engineering, bridges their goal to inspire the next generation of engineers. 

“To see little kids, to be able to expose them to science, technology and engineering and them getting the concept it’s just great,” Tayndra Hunter said. “The kids ask the question, design, they build the product, they test it out and they improve it.”

The company hosts after school programs, home school groups, summer camps, even birthday parties.

The curriculum they used is written by real engineers and meets national and state STEM education standards.

Fourth grader Jadyn Wright joined the home school group a year and a half ago.

“It’s fun and we get to build a lot and we get to program and a bunch of other stuff,” said Jadyn. “Right now we’re making our robot do things on the mat. We have to program it on the computer and then we plug it into the cord and then the cord will send all the data to the robot and then we’ll test it and then we’ll do it again and again and again.”

While students get hands-on experience with all things STEM, they are taught perhaps the most important lesson: teamwork. 

“I love how it builds the relationships with the kids,” said Jadyn’s mother Carrie Wright. “And having the kids really take ownership of the projects they are making and letting them see the mistakes. They have to test the things out and they make those mistakes and they have to redo, it figure it out and make it work and then you see them light up when they have figured it out and that’s amazing.”

Engineering for Kids rents out different spaces around town right now, but they are hoping to open up a permanent location in January.

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