By now 20 months have passed since that day in April.

“I always believe that there is hope after something like this,” said Rodolfo Arce with Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe. “I hope that families will become more united. And realize that strength comes from each other together as a family.”

The people are encouraged, they have not been forgotten, and they have not given up.

“Today, we are launching a new program called the Good Samaritan. This project was brought about to help families begin their own businesses so that they can aide themselves in their own recovery. This teaches individuals accountability, running your own business, among other things,” said Cecilia Cevallos of Jaramisol, Ecuador.

KGET 17 News has partnered with Covenant World Relief and the local Covenant Church. CWR is launching a long-term recovery program in the coastal region that was most affected.

“The Covenant Church of Ecuador, we’ve seen the idea to serve has been so strong within all the churches, all the pastors,” said Petter Hermansson, a missionary with Covenant Church of Ecuador.

The program is designed to help families find and create new jobs and small business. The program hopes to also provide psychological, spiritual, and social care.

“As an Ecuadorian, I am grateful for the international help that we have received,” said Arce. “We know that the United States has sent aide for the families and I am filled with hope that the families that have been affected by the earthquake will see that they are going to becomes stronger than they ever were.”

“First we are thankful for those counties that have helped us, they’ve always been there,” said Narcisa Castro of Mejia, Ecuador. “I would say to them to keep remembering us, we have children and we still need help. In return we would welcome you with open arms.”

Your contribution will make a difference in helping families in Ecuador rebuild their lives and restart their communities.

“It’s amazing to see how life is becoming what it was in some ways,” said Hermansson. “Even though we all have the memories of the things that happened. It will never be the same of course, but we have so much brave, strong people fighting and it’s amazing to be part of it.”
To help provide aid and long-term recovery for the people of Ecuador, simply visit

Your contribution will make a difference in helping families rebuild their lives and restart their communities.

From all of us at 17 News, thank you.

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