Dramatic home invasion caught on camera raises concerns about home safety


Bakersfield Police continue to search for the three attackers behind a violent home invasion robbery that was captured on camera, then broadcast across Kern County Tuesday night.

They struck in the Haggin Oaks neighborhood in Southwest Bakersfield and have been on the run ever since they stormed in with weapons drawn.

Experts say while these types of attacks are rare, we must take some steps to prevent being victimized.

“The harder we make it,  the less of a target we are,” said Corina Ortiz, BPD community relations manager.

The attack begins as a man opens his front door for a young woman asking for a gas tank. As the man inside tells her he doesn’t have one, she appears to be signaling by waving her hand. Two armed men dressed in all black run up behind her, kick in the door and push their way into the home. In the video, the men can be heard yelling orders at the people inside. 

“If someone’s going to come in and do me harm I’m not going to want something less lethal, I’m going to want something to stop them in their tracks,” said Colton Bryant, a Bakersfield gun salesman. “It’s going to be able to stop the threat right then and there.”

But, many people in Kern County may not want to own a gun.

“We have definitely seen people that are not that comfortable yet or have never shot a firearm still wanting to protect themselves,” said Bryant. 

Bryant recommends a less lethal weapon for protection. 

“Your pepper sprays, your maces, your tactical pens,” said Bryant.

But, even with these weapons, he does advise caution.

“If you’re going to be using something, really anything in a self-defense situation, get training with it,” said Bryant.  

BPD says there are ways you can try to avoid these situations before they get out of hand and steps you can take as well to keep criminals out, even when you’re not home.

“Looking at added window locks, looking at locks for your doors. sometimes people ask if an alarm is okay to use? Sure,” said Ortiz.

This home invasion is still a very active case. If you have any information, call BPD at 327-7111. 

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