Dog left for dead in Delano orchard


A three-year-old pitbull who was left for dead near Delano is on the road to recovery thanks to the community stepping in to help. The dog, now known as Hope, is very weak, but she’s on the mend. 

Julissa Parra noticed hope as she was driving. She stopped to help, but knew she couldn’t do it alone. Parra posted pictures of the pitbull on Facebook and that’s when A SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue stepped in. 

A SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue Director Sheila Powelson said, “She was left in the orchards by a tree. We’re not sure how she got there. She’s starving, she’s full of ticks, she’s blind. We’re going to keep here here at Cooke’s Veterinary Hospital. We’re going to keep her on fluids. She also has infections in her mammary glands, she was over bread. It’s going to be a long road to recovery, but we’re determined to get her there.”

If you’d like to help with hope’s recovery, you can make a donation to A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue or Cooke’s Veterinary Hospital. 

While this is an extreme case, it is not uncommon for animals with serious health conditions to be dropped off in rural areas. The animal rescue encourages anyone who can’t take care of their animals to surrender them to a shelter, not leave them for dead. 

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