Does Bakersfield have an image problem? City cites research showing it does


Some people think Bakersfield has an image problem and that it’s time for a re-branding of the city and Kern County.

The City of Bakersfield and county of Kern are working together on a new branding campaign in hopes of giving the Golden Empire a better reputation not just from the outside, but from the inside as well.

Representatives from the city, county, and Chamber of Commerce released research they say will help with he branding campaign. The findings suggest residents have a less favorable view of Bakersfield and Kern County than those who live outside it.

“Sometimes we’re not always our own best ambassadors of our community. And that’s something I think we can work towards changing in the future,” Bakersfield Assistant City Manager Steve Teglia said. 

The findings also show that people from outside the county recognize Kern’s resources like its agriculture, and energy industries. Respondents also said they would recommend Kern and Bakersfield as a place to do business. 

“Bakersfield is a place where you can still have the American dream, it’s a good place to do business. There’s a lot of positives that we have and I think it’s good to accentuate those positives, we want to be mindful of what the perceived negatives are,” Teglia said.

Tennessee-based North Star Company gathered the research at a cost of $10,000 to the city. The company was also in charge of Tehachapi’s “Live Up” branding campaign.

City and county officials hope to use the research to create an in-depth branding strategy set to be released in early 2019.

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