Do you have a plan for when disaster strikes?


September is Disaster Preparedness Month.

KGET is teaming up with the Office of Emergency Services to host weekly web chats, covering all you need to know to be informed and prepared.

This week’s topic is “Getting Prepared for a Disaster” by having a plan.

Megin Hughes at the American Red Cross will talk about the importance of having the right supplies on hand.

“Once the disaster happens, it’s too late to prepare,” Hughes said.

Hughes suggests everyone have a disaster supply kit prepared ahead of time.

“You’re going to need things like food, like water, like flashlights and extra batteries, games for the kids because they aren’t going to have access to Netflix if the power goes out,” Hughes said. “And we will also be talking about a go-bag which is something you can grab if you need to leave your house quickly so you’ll have some necessities with you.”

Sheriff Donny Youngblood will cover having a plan if communication resources — like cell towers — go out, preventing cell phones from working.

“You have to have a plan where you’re going to meet you children or family members and ahead of time,” Youngblood said. “Emergency procedures, you practice, you practice, you practice. When the emergency occurs it becomes second hand.”

Plan for the family shouldn’t stop with the kids, according to officials.

“Just like you would prepare your human family members we ask that you would prepare your pets too,” director of Kern County Animal Services Nick Cullen said. “And preparation can be making sure you have supplies that you might need for 3 to 5 days in case you have to be evacuated and be sheltered for sometime. We ask that if you have big animals they are familiar with being put in a trailer incase law enforcement has to step in and rescue your animals, it’s better off that they are prepared.”

The web chats will be held every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. on our KGET Facebook page and our website.

If you can’t watch the LIVE chat, they will be posted on our KGET website.

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