Ditch That Double Chin!


In the age of selfies, knowing your angles is everything, but hiding a double chin is anything but easy.

“For me, when I started noticing there was a little bit of extra skin here and I was constantly doing a head lift, it was time,” Kristi Cain says.

Cain, 47, said when it was time to do something about the double chin, she went to her dermatologist for a Kybella treatment.

Kybella is lots of little injections into the fat around the neck. The procedure promises to make fat disappear in a way that Dr. Sherry Ingraham says is usually not possible without plastic surgery.

Ingraham says a double chin is genetic. Whether you lose weight or watch your diet, it’s almost impossible to get rid of.

“So that’s driving some of the business towards the submental treatments like a Cool Sculpting or a Kybella treatment, and the nice thing, now, is we can offer these treatments with minimal downtime,” Ingraham says.

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