Discounts for “Ring” home security device for City of Tehachapi


The City of Tehachapi is planning on reducing crime in its neighborhoods through an easy-to-use and effective home security system.

Tehachapi has partnered with the home security company “Ring” and subsidy program to provide discounts for local residents who would like a home security device.

“Ring” is a video security doorbell feature which can connect to the user’s smartphone or tablet via the Free Ring App. The user is notified when the motion sensor is activated or if someone rings their doorbell, or they can choose to view the camera’s live video feed at any time.

The city has approved $5,000 in funding and will allow 100 of its residents to participate in the program on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The subsidy program will incentivize the purchase of Ring Video Doorbells and security devices.

The program will begin a promotional period starting April 17 through May 31.

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