Details on inmates released early from Lerdo Jail


In June, we told you 250 inmates were released early from Lerdo Jail as the sheriff’s department replaced faulty jail cell locks. Officials said they were low level offenders with mostly misdemeanor convictions. 
Through the California Public Records Act, we obtained the names of those inmates. Of the 250 inmates, we were able to identify 173 matches on the superior court website. Of those inmates, 60 percent were serving time for felony convictions. 
When we spoke with Chief Deputy Tyson Davis in June, he said most of the inmates released were convicted of misdemeanor crimes. A claim he stood by Wednesday. 

We found 40-percent had misdemeanor convictions. 
At least 15 of the inmates are already back in jail. One man who was serving more than a year in jail for dui with three prior convictions has since been arrested again for dui. 
44 inmates were serving sentences over a year. 7 of that 44 were sentenced the month before they were released. 

Davis said, “We went through our inmate population. we looked at those who had the shortest sentences and tried to release the ones we could who were closest to their outdate.”
Davis said it’s not a decision his department takes lightly. 

“I think releasing one inmate is one too many. i wish we didn’t have to release any,” he said.

Davis said it will take about 3 weeks to change the locks in each pod. He doesn’t anticipate future releases due to the work. 

To view the list of inmates released and their convictions, click here.

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