She is an Air Force veteran whose flight path has her sights on Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s 23rd Congressional seat. Democrat Kim Mangone of Lancaster officially declared her candidacy earlier this summer for the seat she hopes to win in 2020.

“The reason I am running for office is because we need a representative who represents us — the people,” Mangone said. “The representative that we currently have — I don’t think that he does that,” Mangone added, speaking about McCarthy.

If elected, Mangone, who acknowledged she does not have prior political experience, said she would tackle a multitude of issues including veterans care, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform, but she said healthcare would be at the top of her list.

“Everyone deserves healthcare. What I propose is medicare for all, but everybody can keep their insurance,” she said. “I just want to make sure…everybody in this country can go to a doctor and get medical care. That’s it,” she continued.

Mangone added she’ll fight to keep social security if sent to Washington.

“We’ve earned social security. We’ve worked for it, matched it, [and] put into . That is our money,” she said. “But the Republicans are talking about cutting social security. Some people rely on that social security, $20,000, for their income for the year. And you want to cut that? That to me is very offensive.”

Mangone stressed the importance for what she described as strong economic policy.

“We’ve got to get jobs here. But you’re not going to get jobs when you’re encouraging companies to go overseas by giving them tax breaks. Stop the tax breaks and some will come back.”

Issues aside, this election could be an uphill climb for Mangone. Records from the federal elections commission show McCarthy already has raised at least $1.1 million in contributions.

Since 2014, McCarthy has defeated his Democratic challengers by at least 25 percent margins. Even so, Mangone believes she can win.

“I’m going to represent everybody in this district, not just a few, not just the rich, not just — there is no just…My strategy is to make the voters aware of his (McCarthy’s) shortcomings, and his lack of caring for the people in his district. I care and I will fight for them.”

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