Delano farmer still working at 105


A local Delano farmer is celebrating a big day today: 105 years of life.     

Bakhtawar Brar celebrated his birthday from his desk, at work. The man hasn’t stopped working a day in his life and he says work is what keeps him alive.

“We decided to throw him this party to show him appreciation and that we’re with him just to make him happy,” said Daisy Gonzales, Brar’s employee.

Brar has been overseeing his son’s agriculture company since 2006.

“He’s here in the office, every morning around 5 a.m.,” said John Jiles, Brar’s employee. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday, he’s always there.”

Sure enough, Monday, on his birthday he didn’t leave his desk once. Nor stopped answering calls.

“I’m surprised and amazed myself that someone at that age still has a good shape, good memory and he’s a hard-working person,” said Gonzales.

Brar is from India. A decorated army veteran in his country. He moved to the U.S. in 1980 when he was 68. He was told, at his age, he should apply for a pension.

“I said ‘thank you very much ma’am, I don’t need it,” said Brar. “She said, ‘why?’ I said, ‘what have I done for this country, nothing. I don’t want to be a burden here. I will earn it if I need it.”

He then started working as a farm worker to earn a pension for himself and his wife.  

“A person is never useless in their life, they may go down in performance, but everyone can do something for their country,” said Brar.

And, so, to this day he doesn’t have any plans of clocking off anytime soon.

“Activity is life, life is activity,” said Brar. “The people that kill time, they kill themselves. Retiring means what? Lying in bed. Farmers and soldiers never die in bed.”

So, what is key to living such a long and healthy life?

According to Brar, moderation. He says no matter what you do in life, good or bad, don’t overdo it. 

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