Darci the Drummer


A local self-published author is hitting all the right notes as he and his family share their love of music through a new children’s book. 

It’s called “Darci the Drummer,” a story about a little girl who chases her musical passion with the support of her family. 

“I am a big believer in letting kids find and chase their passions.  There’s so much value in letting them explore and figuring out what they’re passionate about,” said Talia Bridgman, mother of four. 

“It might not always turn out to what they’re doing in their adult lives, however I think it’s still important to foster that,” said Jeremy Bridgman, father and author.

“If you find something that makes you genuinely happy and that you’re passionate about, it’s really important to pursue that,” said Emma Bridgman, 14 year-old daughter. 

It’s a message the family hopes to share with other’s through the new book. 

“To me one of the best things that can come out of this book is children taking Darci as a character and sort of applying it to their own lives,” Jeremy Bridgman said. 

Jeremy Bridgman is a self published author pulling from his family’s musical adventures to create the tale. 

“What I love about the book is that the parents are involved in Darci’s success as a drummer.  They’re not just tired of the noise and wanting her to go play in her room and try to be quiet.  They actually encourage Darci to be passionate about her drumming,” Jeremy Bridgman said.

Which circles back to the underlying theme of the story, the importance of time spent together as a family. 

“I think that whether it’s music or movies or sports or travel, whatever it is that you love to do together as a family, it’s so important to do it and to do it often,” Talia Bridgman said. 

The family hopes to donate profits from the book to local music programs. 

For more information go to www.DarciTheDrummer.com

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