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Snap a picture and it goes away after a few seconds. That’s the premise behind Snapchat.

It’s another popular social media app but do those photos actually disappear?

Sure, a snap can go away, but technology experts say no one should assume only one pair of eyes will see it.

A selfie with filters and stickers. Snap, then send to a friend. The picture only lasts a few seconds.

“You put things you don’t want to stay online forever.”
“Whatever you put on there eventually disappears.”

But that’s not true.

“If it’s online, don’t be surprised if it is made public,” said Joe Gregory with Grapevine MSP.

Even the social media giant warns content could be made public.

In the fine print on Snapchat, the company says, “don’t send messages or share content you wouldn’t want someone to save or share.”

“If you don’t want your parents to see it, if you’re texting something you wouldn’t want you mom to see, you probably shouldn’t be putting it online,” says Gregory.

Although many snaps are taken for good fun, it’s a reminder nothing goes away completely, even if a service says it does.

“The fact that a lot of kids take pictures and send them to friends thinking it’ll never be seen again, it’s simply not true,” said Gregory.

You may remember back in 2014, the Federal Trade Commission settled its complaint with Snapchat over privacy concerns.

The FTC says Snapchat deceived users and failed to secure information.

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