BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A deadly shooting broke out early Monday morning at a nightclub in East Bakersfield.

Police are still investigating the homicide as they track down the shooter.

Around 2 a.m. at Mariscos Uruapan Nightclub, a shooting broke out leaving one dead and one critically injured while a third person was shot in his own bedroom by a stray bullet.

The shooting happened on East Truxtun Avenue, just West of the Bakersfield Homeless Center. One neighbor across the street from the nightclub said his family woke up to gunfire.

“Two o’clock in the morning I hear the shots and I get up and I see my son in the back and I see the police and the firemen,” Raul Romo a neighbor said.

Romo said he heard multiple shots as they whizzed by and pinged on objects next to his home.

“Yeah I hear the shots here at night,” Romo said. “When somebody shot, ‘ping, ping’ the shots I hear, a lot of them… Yeah, I don’t know, I think like nine shots.”

Romo’s elderly neighbor was hit in his bedroom by a stray bullet. Other people in the neighborhood were heartbroken to hear the news of their neighbor being shot. Romo said he saw his neighbor being treated by ambulance crew outside his home. Romo said his neighbor was shot in the hand.

“Yeah I’ve known him for a long time like long ago, like 20 years,” Romo said. “The guy is still in the bed sleeping. Yeah sleeping in the bed.”

Bakersfield Police have not released the identities for any of the victims and as of now there is no information on the shooter either.