BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A Wasco couple facing charges of attempted murder and torture of their 6-week-old baby had their trial postponed this week.

The trial date for Jorge Millan, 23, and Elizabeth Jara, 22, has been postponed multiple times since they were ordered to stand trial in April of last year. They’re due back in court on Aug. 28.

As previously reported by 17 News, the two were arrested in 2021 after their baby was taken to a hospital with injuries consistent with ongoing abuse, according to sheriff’s officials.

The baby suffered broken arms and ribs, bruises all over his body and burns on his feet that appeared to have been caused by a lighter, according to court documents. Each blamed the other when questioned by law enforcement, documents said.

The couple had been living at the home of Millan’s parents, where deputies took other children into protective custody after finding dog feces and trash on the floor, roaches crawling on the walls, food left on counters and dirty pots and pans piled up in the kitchen, documents said.