BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Trespassing charges were dismissed against former 34th District Assembly candidate Julie Solis on Friday after she followed the terms of a pretrial diversion deal offered by a judge in July, court records show.

Solis was charged after refusing to leave Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s Bakersfield office on Jan. 11, 2021. She was repeatedly told the office was closed and McCarthy wasn’t present and given multiple chances to leave before being taken into custody. She livestreamed the incident on her cellphone.

Before a scheduled trial date, Judge Gloria Cannon offered Solis a deal in which the two misdemeanor charges would be dismissed if she stayed away from McCarthy’s office and didn’t commit a new crime. Solis accepted over the objections of prosecutors.

The District Attorney’s office sent a news release after the offer was made blasting Cannon’s decision and calling the result “absurd.”

“When someone goes to the trouble of broadcasting themselves blatantly violating trespassing laws for a political stunt, they should face consequences,” Assistant District Attorney Joseph Kinzel said in the release. “Judge Cannon handed out a ‘get out of jail free’ card to Solis and did so over the D.A.’s objection and without hearing any testimony or viewing the evidence in the case.”

Judges can unilaterally enter defendants in pretrial diversion programs as a result of a 2021 law allowing diversion for nearly every misdemeanor offense. The law doesn’t specify what terms are appropriate for what charges or who should be eligible.

Solis has told 17 News she went to McCarthy’s office to stage a protest after the capitol riot. She said she was there for “peaceful action.”