BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — After accepting a ride in 2007 from Daniel Marquez Gonzalez, whom he’d known for years, a Delano man said he expected to be dropped off at his brother-in-law’s house.

A detour left him witness to a murder instead, the man told investigators.

He said Gonzalez picked up another man, accused him of messing around with his wife then took him to a secluded area and shot him multiple times, according to recently released court documents.

Days later, Gonzalez led authorities on a high-speed chase in which he crashed but ran from his car, jumped a fence and got away, documents said. He eventually made his way to Mexico.

Earlier this year, Gonzalez, 51, was found and extradited to Kern County to face a charge of first-degree murder. He pleaded not guilty May 11 and is being held without bail.

Multiple people interviewed in 2007 told investigators Gonzalez dealt methamphetamine and was possibly involved in other killings. One person said Gonzalez — who goes by the nickname “Pescado” — told him he’d killed six people, the reports say.

“Pescado always gets at people who are with his old ladies,” that person said.

With the exception of Gonzalez, all names are redacted from the documents.

Gonzalez is charged in the death of Jose Feliciano Alvarado, whose body was found Feb. 15, 2007, on a dirt access road in the area of Granite Road and Woody Granite Road.

A year after the killing, Delano police got a letter from a man who was in custody.

“I saw him kill a man in front of me in McFarland,” the man said.

Interviewed while in custody, the man explained how he was on his way to his brother-in-law’s house to see about a car when his vehicle broke down on Highway 99 near Pond Road. He started walking but Marquez came by in a Jeep and agreed to give him a ride.

Gonzalez left the highway using the Sherwood Avenue exit, drove a few blocks and stopped in front of a house with people in the front yard. Gonzalez called a man over who got in the back seat, reports say the witness told investigators.

They started driving east toward Highway 65 and the man who just got in — identified by the witness as Alvarado — asked Gonzalez what he was doing in McFarland.

“I’m looking for traitors,” Gonzalez said according to the witness. “They said you’ve been with my wife.”

Alvarado at first denied. They continued driving, and Alvarado said he went out with her twice but nothing happened, the witness said according to the documents. They kept driving east toward what the witness called “barren land” and took a dirt side road.

Gonzalez got out and said he needed to urinate, the witness said. Gunshots quickly followed, he said.

The witness told investigators Gonzalez shot Alvarado twice in the chest. Alvarado tried to crawl under the Jeep and Gonzalez retrieved another handgun and fired shots into his back and buttocks, he said.

Gonzalez got back in the Jeep and ran over the body, the witness said, then got out and picked up spent shell casings. He told investigators he thought Gonzalez might kill him too, but he dropped him off at his brother-in-law’s place.

Gonzalez is due back in court July 11.