BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A 16-year-old girl on Wednesday admitted to plotting and following through with the murder of her mother in Oildale last year.

Emily Evil Reznick and her boyfriend, Nikolai Roach, were both 15 when arrested in the death of Michelle Louise Taylor, whose body was found July 7 in her home on Arthur Avenue near Rutherford Court.

Both teens have admitted to murder and conspiracy charges. They admitted planning Taylor’s death for about a month before the slaying.

During Wednesday’s hearing in juvenile court, Reznick admitted letting Roach inside her home to attack her mother with a knife. Reznick also admitted using a knife, and a prosecutor said the teens gave the murder weapon a nickname.

Taylor, 54, suffered multiple stab wounds.

Reznick responded with, “I admit,” as prosecutor Christine Antonios read the charges and enhancements filed against her. A dispositional hearing — the juvenile court equivalent of a sentencing hearing — will take place later this month.

Because Reznick and Roach were under 16 when the crime was committed they could not face charges in adult court. Roach last month admitted to the murder and conspiracy charges filed against him and will be held in a juvenile facility until he turns 25, the maximum allowed under the law.

At Roach’s dispositional hearing earlier this week, Judge Wendy Avila noted the killing was “premeditated and gruesome,” and showed a lack of empathy.