BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Coconut Joe’s on California Avenue shared a video of a theft that occurred over the weekend. The theft was then reported to Bakersfield Police Department on June 5, according to Juan Valenzuela, the catering manager at Coconut Joe’s.

Valenzuela and Joe Coughlin, owner of Coconut Joe’s, both confirmed that there was nothing in the cash register, but the suspects did destroy the expensive register.

Coughlin stated that this type of incident is not new, and about every year someone comes in and steals the tip jar or register.

The video appears to show a man in a white shirt, black hat and jeans running out with the register. The other man in the video, wearing a red shirt and black hat, ran out with him.

In response to this incident, employees will undergo retraining. Employee safety is the number one concern, according to Coughlin.