BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Ronnetta Martin had unwelcome roommates.

She lived with three others in Rosamond but wanted them gone, according to a friend who told detectives she spoke with Martin daily.

In July, the roommates threatened to kill her for talking to one of them disrespectfully during an argument in which Martin told them to find another place to live, the friend said according to the filings.

Jahquan Davenport stands next to a public defender as he’s arraigned on charges of first-degree murder and arson. File image

The roommates — Jahquan Davenport, 26, Jaysean Davenport, 18, and Antonae James, 18 — are accused of following through on that alleged threat.

Jahquan Davenport and James told detectives they watched as Jaysean Davenport shot Martin in the back of the head, the documents say. James told detectives Jaysean Davenport had become “agitated” after Martin told him he needed to move out because there were kids in the apartment and he always carried a gun.

“I saw Jaysean shoot (name redacted) in the back of the head . . .,” the reports say James told detectives.

The three are charged with first-degree murder and arson and are being held without bail. James is pregnant with Jahquan Davenport’s child, witnesses said according to the reports. Jaysean and Jahquan Davenport are brothers.

Although the coroner has not given a positive identification, remains that are believed to be Martin’s were found Aug. 15 near Backus Road between Rosamond and Mojave.

“Upon arrival, the remains located appeared to match the description of a missing recent female, identified as (name redacted),” an investigator wrote. Two days later, a sheriff’s search and rescue team located more bones in the area, court documents say.

The suspects were charged last week and Martin’s family attended a court hearing.

Surveillance footage captured Martin and the suspects together Aug.1 in Rosamond and later in Lancaster — where Martin ran errands with her mother, who lives in the area and was trying to get her daughter to move there, documents said. Martin contacted her friend that day and said she had dropped the suspects off but was going to pick them up later and tell them to grab their belongings and leave the apartment, according to the filings.

She picked up them up while on the phone with the friend, according to the friend’s statement. She said Martin texted her and said James asked for a ride to California City, and told her she’d call her later.

She never called. The friend said she couldn’t reach Martin the next day.

Tips reported

Late Aug. 1, according to the documents, Jahquan Davenport, James and someone believed to be Jaysean Davenport were caught on surveillance video in Inglewood as a car was set on fire. The car was Martin’s, the reports say.

Sheriff’s investigators received more information Aug. 8 when an anonymous caller said her boyfriend had been dropped off Aug. 1 and told her about a conversation he had with two men.

“The boyfriend stated the males who dropped him off said they had just shot a woman in the head and dumped her body in the desert by Lancaster,” an investigator wrote in a summary of the caller’s statement. “The males were leaving to go burn the car.”

Detectives obtained surveillance footage showing the suspects arrived in Martin’s vehicle shortly after 10 p.m. at the location given by the caller, documents said. Martin wasn’t with them.

Martin’s mother told detectives Martin recently had a brain operation. She said she was trying to get her daughter to move to Lancaster and they ran errands Aug.1 obtaining documents to get her into an apartment complex there, the filings say.

On Aug. 2, after Martin didn’t answer her calls, her mother drove to her apartment in Rosamond and found the front door open and no one home, according to the documents. She reported her daughter missing.

Suspects interviewed

James and Jahquan Davenport were interviewed separately Aug. 29 at the San Fernando Police Department.

After being caught in multiple lies, James told detectives Jaysean Davenport told her he had been playing with a gun and accidentally shot Martin, documents said. She said she and Jahquan Davenport wanted to report her death but Jaysean Davenport threatened to kill them, the filings say.

After telling her her story “was not entirely true” based on the evidence they had gathered, detectives advised her she was under arrest, documents said.

As they interviewed Jahquan Davenport, the detectives noticed his story was exactly the same as James,’ “as if they both rehearsed it,” according to the documents. Confronted with lying, Jahquan Davenport began yelling and was placed under arrest.

The two were transported from San Fernando and booked into the Kern County Jail. During the booking process, Jahquan Davenport told a detective he was ready to talk, according to the documents.

“Jahquan Davenport hysterically broke down and began crying until the point of throwing up,” an investigator wrote.

Taken to an interview room, he told detectives he watched as Jaysean Davenport shot Martin in the back of the head in her car, the reports say.

James also asked to speak with detectives again. She asked if Jahquan Davenport had told them the truth.

A detective asked James for the truth and she corroborated what Davenport said, the filings say. After the shooting, which appears to have occurred near the Rosamond apartment complex, Jaysean Davenport drove her and Jahquan Davenport — with Martin’s body in the front passenger seat — to Lancaster, James said according to the documents.

Jaysean Davenport dropped them off and returned between 30 to 45 minutes later, James told detectives. Martin’s body was gone.

“I got rid of her,” she said he told them. She said Jaysean Davenport threatened to kill her if she told anyone then made Jahquan Davenport drive them to Inglewood, according to the documents.

After burning the car, they stayed with a friend of Jaysean Davenport who lives in the area, James told detectives. She said she and Jahquan Davenport later left and hadn’t spoken to Jaysean Davenport recently.

Jaysean Davenport was taken into custody Aug. 31. The three are due back in court Sept. 15.