BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — It was around 9 p.m., about an hour after sunset, when the woman headed home on a sidewalk along a busy stretch of Ming Avenue.

As she walked alone, passing a store in the 4600 block, a man appeared from behind an electrical transformer. He grabbed her by the arm and hair and dragged her behind the transformer and bushes where he attempted to sexually assault her, according to newly-released police reports.

Armed with a knife, the man threatened her as she screamed, telling her, “Shut up (expletive). It’s gonna be worse,” the reports say.

The woman continued to fight as the man stole her wedding ring and Apple Watch, according to her account contained in the reports filed in Superior Court. She grabbed his throat and managed to break free, then ran to the nearby business as her assailant fled on a bike.

Using her cellphone to track the Apple Watch, police a short time later came across Sergio Venegas riding a bike on South Real Road near Sampson Court, according to the documents.

Following a brief chase, Venegas was handcuffed and the Apple Watch and ring, among other stolen items, found in his pockets, documents said. Police also found a knife.

Venegas has pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping to commit robbery or rape, assault with intent to commit a sex act, robbery and resisting arrest. He’s due back in court Tuesday.

Venegas, 58, was on parole at the time of his May 2 arrest after serving decades in prison for raping a woman at the Red Lion Inn in 1989. He became the first person convicted in Kern County through the use of DNA evidence.

Labeled the “Supermarket Rapist,” Venegas was suspected but never charged in five rapes that occurred in 1988 and 1989 where women were attacked while walking alone in grocery store parking lots.

In the latest case against Venegas, officers reviewed surveillance footage that shows him riding a bike in the area of the alleged assault around the time it occurred, documents said. Additionally, the ankle monitor Venegas was required to wear as a condition of his parole placed him at the scene.