Slice of Italy vandalized two nights in a row

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For the second time this week, the Slice of Italy restaurant in downtown Bakersfield has been vandalized.

The first incident came on Monday night when two masked men who were seen on surveillance video began to throw rocks at the windows and doors.

The restaurant quickly cleaned up and put up plywood to cover the broken glass but that didn’t stop further vandalism from occurring.

Just 24 hours later, two men are seen again approaching the restaurant and this time began to throw pieces of tiles at windows.

The men managed to break the windows and the glass from the front door. At one point, one of the men reverts to his fist to try and break the windows.

On both nights, the men didn’t seem to have any intentions in entering the restaurant and left fairly quickly.

Owner for almost 20 years, Balwinder Brar, says that something like this is uncommon and it is unclear who would want to vandalize the restaurant.

“They didn’t come in they just broke the windows, they didn’t steal anything, they didn’t go inside, they just broke the windows,” Brar said.

It is unclear if it was the same two men on both nights.

According to the restaurant owner, there were no reported injuries or valuables stolen.

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