SHAFTER, Calif. (KGET) — Found face down in an alley, Jesse Rocha had a gunshot wound to his face and three more in his shoulder.

Despite the severity of his wounds, police said, Rocha managed to tell officers who shot him: his wife.

Rocha survived and Krystal Juarez, 33, is facing charges including attempted murder in the Nov. 16 shooting, in which two residences were also hit.

According to a warrant filed by Shafter police, Rocha said Juarez shot him inside their apartment on Nickel Street and chased him to East Orange Avenue. Witnesses reported Juarez fired at him at least once outside.

Officers found a bullet hole in a fence in the 200 block of Fuller Street and contacted a resident who said the round went through her kitchen window and struck her refrigerator, the warrant says. She suffered a minor injury to her arm from either the bullet or debris.

Another bullet went through the front door of a residence in the 200 block of Nickel Street, ending up on the bathroom floor, according to the warrant.

Juarez is due back in court Dec. 8.