‘She’s got a grip from hell:’ Reports detail events leading to death of woman carried on vehicle’s hood

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Melissa Colson sped off on Brundage Lane with a woman hanging onto the hood of her vehicle, a witness told deputies.

When Colson came back, the woman was gone.

“I just did a maneuver, and she slid off the car,” Colson said according to the witness.

The other woman, Cecilia Gamino, 43, hit her head when she fell. She died from blunt head trauma weeks later, according to coroner’s officials.

Colson, 34, is charged with second-degree murder and vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence in Gamino’s death, which occurred after the two women had a confrontation at the Motel 6 on East Brundage Lane.

Newly-released court documents detail the events that led to Gamino’s injuries on July 20.

Detectives reviewed surveillance footage of the incident and identified Colson. They received further confirmation when they interviewed a man who identified Colson as his “baby mama.”

That man told investigators he and Colson received a phone call from two mutual acquaintances saying they had located a friend’s missing green Toyota Tundra parked at the Motel 6.

They went to the motel and were going through the pickup when its owner confronted them, according to the documents. The owner ran back to his room and slammed the door.

That’s when Gamino, also in the motel room, and Colson began yelling at each other, the man told investigators.

The man said he pulled Colson away and they went back to their vehicle. Colson got in the driver’s seat.

Gamino followed them out and stood behind the car as they backed out of the parking space, the man said.

“This (expletive) don’t (sic) think I’m going to bump her,” Colson said, the man told detectives.

She gave Gamino what the man described as a “love tap” as she backed up.

Then Gamino jumped on the hood, the man said.

Colson drove out of the parking lot and east on East Brundage Lane. She drove about 20 mph, the man told investigators.

“She’s got a grip from hell,” Colson said according to the man.

He said Colson told him to punch Gamino to get her off the hood. He said she stopped and he got out to speak with Gamino.

Colson then sped away with Gamino still hanging onto the vehicle, the man told investigators. He lost sight of her when she turned north onto Coremark Court.

She returned a short time later and said the woman had slid off, the man said according to the documents.

Gamino died Aug. 8.

Colson was arrested Sept. 24.

By that time, investigators had spoken with the man, examined surveillance footage and looked at Colson’s Facebook accounts in which she talked about the incident, according to the filings.

In one message, Colson wrote she “flipped her off at about 40 mph in a cul de sac,” the documents say.

In another she wrote, “I kinda (sic) ran a (expletive) over sort of? Well, I tossed her off the car at a high speed kinda.”

Colson is held without bail and due back in court Jan. 27.

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