BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Driving a stolen pickup with a full tank of gas, Fabian Rodriguez gunned it when he saw emergency lights flashing in his rearview, reports say, leading police on a wild chase through city streets and hitting a bus bench and building before the truck became disabled.

Taken into custody, Rodriguez had a keyring with three shaved keys in his pocket and had tossed another set of keys, according to newly-released police reports filed in Superior Court. Shaved keys can bypass locks or vehicle ignitions.

Police also found a black zipped case containing two syringes. One contained a black tar-like substance consistent with heroin, according to the documents.

Officers had no problem identifying Rodriguez — he had been booked day before for stealing another vehicle, the documents say.

Rodriguez, 32, is now held without bail on charges including auto theft and recklessly evading a peace officer as well as violating parole. He’s due back in court Monday.

Police said Rodriguez was arrested on suspicion of auto theft and possession of meth for sales Jan. 28 and released about eight hours later.

The next morning, a man reported his white GMC Sierra stolen. The owner said the truck had a full tank, about 170,000 miles on the odometer and was worth roughly $6,000, the reports say.

At about 12:30 p.m., an officer found the stolen pickup turning onto Beale Avenue from East Truxtun Avenue, according to the documents. The officer activated lights and sirens but the truck sped up traveling south on Beale toward East California Avenue, reports say.

The truck turned west onto East California then made a sudden turn south onto Broad Street. Several vehicles had to brake to avoid a collision, the documents say.

While making the turn, the truck spun in a full circle and stopped facing north. It then began traveling that direction from Broad Street to East California Avenue.

The officer followed the pickup as it proceeded east on East California Avenue approaching Tulare Street. The truck pulled a U-turn — stopping traffic in all directions — then moved west on East California Avenue.

The truck attempted a turn and again spun, jumping curb into the parking lot of 100 E. California Ave, police say in the reports. It hit a trash can and red magazine holder.

Moving farther into the parking lot, the truck hit a parked, unoccupied vehicle — knocking it into two other unoccupied vehicles — then made a U-turn and sped south through the lot, the documents say. The pickup went over the south curb and struck a GET bus bench and awning.

Although no one was on the bench, multiple bystanders were in the area.

“It was obvious to me Rodriguez would make any and every attempt to evade officers,” an investigator wrote in the reports.

The truck drove into westbound lanes of East California, nearly causing multiple collisions, and traveled south over the center median, documents said. It slammed into a building at 205 E. California Ave., reversed then headed east at speeds greater than 70 mph, police said.

According to the reports, the truck blew through a red light and entered the opposite lanes. Officers ended the chase over concerns for the safety of other motorists.

The truck eventually became disabled at East California and Chamberlain avenues. When police arrived, witnesses directed them to Rodriguez, who was walking away as if not involved, the reports say.

An officer recognized Rodriguez as the driver, according to the documents. He grabbed his arm, put him in a wristlock and took him to the ground.

Rodriguez was placed in handcuffs and taken to jail.