BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A serial killer who bludgeoned five homeless men to death in Los Angeles has been ordered to stand trial in the death of his cellmate at a Delano prison.

On Tuesday, a judge found there was sufficient evidence for the case against Ramon Escobar to proceed. Charged with first-degree murder and assault by a prisoner serving a life term, he’s due back in court next week for a hearing at which a trial date is expected to be set.

According to court filings, Escobar admitted killing cellmate Juan Villanueva over the other man’s poor hygiene. Escobar told prison staff he strangled him.

Villanueva, 53, was found dead in their cell at North Kern State Prison the morning of Feb. 24.

Escobar, 52, is already serving life without parole for a string of murders that occurred over a two-week span in Los Angeles and Santa Monica in 2018. He killed his aunt and uncle in Texas before traveling to California.