BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Convicted sex offender Joseph Jermaine Smith had a shot at someday being released before the events of July 9, 2020, when he attacked two correctional officers at a Delano prison.

Now he faces up to 50 years to life, which would almost certainly result in him dying behind bars.

It will be at least two months before the 41-year-old Smith learns his fate. On Tuesday, at the request of his attorney, his sentencing hearing was postponed to Dec. 12.

Smith was found guilty last month of two counts of resisting an officer in the performance of duty for hitting two North Kern State Prison guards who attempted to search him. Smith struck both officers in the face and used his body to block them from handcuffing him. He was subdued “using minimal force,” prosecutors said.

Smith is currently serving 15 years to life for sexually assaulting a child under 14.