Rosamond man faces attempted murder, mayhem charges in shooting that resulted in amputated leg

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Frustrated over the theft of his pickup’s catalytic converter, a Rosamond man decided to confront the person he believed stole the pricey item.

Not only did he fail to get the catalytic converter back, he ended up losing a leg.

Court documents allege Tyler Henney, 30, shot the man in his left leg with a pistol grip shotgun. The injury was so severe the leg had to be amputated below the knee.

Henney is charged with attempted murder, aggravated mayhem, assault with a firearm on a person and making terrorist threats. He’s held on $500,000 bail and his next hearing is Feb. 16,

According to court documents, the victim and a friend drove to a home the evening of Sept. 14 to confront the person — not Henney — the victim believed stole the catalytic converter. When they arrived, a man later identified as Henney went outside armed with a shotgun and his girlfriend — whose name is redacted in the documents — with a baseball bat, the documents say.

A confrontation occurred near the fence line of the property. The victim told sheriff’s investigators he asked for the suspected thief and Henney said he wasn’t there.

The victim then told Henney to put down the gun and “they could handle it like men,” according to the filings. He said the girlfriend urged Henney to shoot him.

Henney pointed the shotgun at his chest, the man told investigators. The man then grabbed the shotgun and Henney fired, blasting him in the leg, according to the filings.

The man’s friend got him back into a pickup and drove him to a fire station where he was then transported by ambulance to Antelope Valley Hospital. Detectives interviewed him there. They noted his lower calf was split open with muscle and tissue exposed.

“He tried to kill me,” the man said of Henney according to the documents.

Deputies went to the home where the shooting occurred and ordered everyone outside. A male and an elderly woman came out.

The woman said she believed a man described as Henney stayed at the house, but she didn’t know his last name, according to the documents. She said she arrived just before sundown and was unaware of an altercation and had no contact information for Henney.

The male also provided no information pertinent to the shooting, the filings say.

There was fresh blood on the chain link fence around the property, investigators said in the filings. A spent shotgun shell was found in the front yard, and an aluminum baseball bat in the living room. Multiple documents and mail addressed to Henney were also found.

Henney remained at large for months but was eventually taken into custody in December.

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