BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Three Earlimart, Calif., men drove 45 minutes the night of Jan. 29 to hang out at the Lone Oak Lounge. Two of them were drunk by the time they arrived.

They bothered patrons, interfered in a game of pool and argued with security. A fight broke out.

One of the men pulled a gun.

Jesus Manjarrez fired 11 shots in the Rosedale Highway bar, wounding four people in a terrifying scene that scattered patrons and left multiple victims on the floor, according to information contained in newly-released court documents.

Manjarrez, 27, Manuel Manjarrez and Erik Manjarrez were arrested after fleeing to Tulare County and are each facing charges, with Jesus Manjarrez charged with three counts of attempted murder. The three have pleaded not guilty and are due back in court June 1.

Of the four people shot, three were treated at a hospital and one declined medical aid.

Witnesses identified Jesus Manjarrez as the gunman and said he also pistol-whipped a man in the head, according to the documents.

Surveillance video captured the events of that night, the reports say.

The Manjarrezes arrived at Lone Oak Lounge in a Toyota Avalon at about 10:15 p.m. Manuel and Erik Manjarrez had bottles in their hand as walked to the main entrance.

They spoke with security and finished their drinks before entering.

After using the bathroom and getting more drinks, the men began watching a game of pool.

At 10:30 p.m., Jesus Manjarrez started putting quarters into a pool table where people were already playing. Someone — most of the names in the documents are redacted — walked over and spoke to him.

Manuel Manjarrez then walked over and he and the other person began yelling. Jesus Manjarrez got between them.

More people entered the room and spoke with the Manjarrezes. Jesus Manjarrez and another person “began to get into each other’s face,” the surveillance video shows according to the documents.

“Within seconds, Jesus, Erik, and (redacted) fell to the ground while Manuel was standing above them,” the documents say.

A man picked up Manuel Manjarrez and threw him on a pool table. Erik Manjarrez took his shirt off and reentered the fray.

At one point, everybody’s head ducked simultaneously, the documents say, and patrons immediately ran for the exit.

The Manjarrezes got outside and continued fighting. Jesus Manjarrez stood over a man and hit him twice on the top of the head with the gun.

They jumped in their car and left, driving west on Rosedale Highway.

Deputies conducted a records check on the license plate and found it was registered to an unnamed person with a pending master file to Jesus Manjarrez at an Earlimart address, according to the documents.. They notified Tulare authorities.

Tulare deputies located the Avalon at Manjarrez’s listed address, the documents say. Men were removing items from the car and loading them into a white Honda.

The men fled in the Honda and deputies gave chase. During the pursuit, Jesus Manjarrez got out and ran, the documents say. He was arrested.

The Honda managed to get away but the two other Manjarrezes were arrested within a month.