BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Scott Sparks attempted to steal cordless drills from a truck parked outside a pool company early April 27 but gave up when the owner arrived and fired a handgun at him.

He admits what he did was wrong, but told 17 News the response of company owner John David Sparks — no relation — and sons Brenden and Trenton Sparks was “a little bit extreme.”

Sparks and his sons have pleaded not guilty to felony charges, including false imprisonment, and are free on bail.

According to newly-released court documents, surveillance footage shows John Sparks pistol whip the would-be thief then sit on his back and zip tie his hands. Then he kicks him in the head and upper body multiple times while appearing to yell.

Next, John Sparks appears to hold a gun to Scott Sparks’ head and continues to kick him in the face and head, the reports says.

Brenden Sparks, 23, enters the frame holding a flashlight in one hand and a can of “bear mace” or pepper spray in the other, the documents say. He sprays Scott Sparks in the face with a three-second blast, according to the reports.

Trenton Sparks, 20, arrives and kicks Scott Sparks in the back while Brenden Sparks hits him in the face with the flashlight multiple times, according to the documents.

Scott Sparks’ ordeal wasn’t over yet.

“John picks up what appears to be a circular saw taken from his business,” an investigator who viewed the footage wrote. “John hits (Scott Sparks) in the head with the circular saw while he continued to yell at him.”

The father and sons pull Scott Sparks closer to John Sparks’ pickup, talk for about 20 minutes, then place him in the bed of the truck, the reports say. The pickup’s vehicle tracking information shows it drove through the area around Meany Avenue — where Sparks Custom Pools is located — for about 10 minutes.

During that time, the truck made frequent stops that caused Scott Sparks to slam around the back of the truck, inflicting further injury, he told investigators. Surveillance footage backed his statement.

Scott Sparks suffered a broken nose, several broken teeth, a large cut to his head requiring stitches and bruises all over his body, according to the documents. He was restrained for 45 minutes, after which John Sparks called 911.

Questioned about the injuries, John Sparks told deputies he “tussled” with Scott Sparks but denied pistol whipping him and said his sons never touched him. He became uncooperative when asked for surveillance footage from his business, the reports say.

Deputies told him it wouldn’t look good for him or his sons if surveillance footage from neighboring businesses showed he was lying.

“So you think the DA’s going to prosecute me over some (expletive) like that?” John Sparks responded according to the documents.

Prosecutors filed charges May 19.

John Sparks and his sons are due back in court June 22.