BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Prosecutors will not bring homicide charges against a man arrested in a deadly stabbing last week after reviewing video footage and finding insufficient evidence to prove the killing didn’t occur in self-defense.

Andrew Ceballos, 23, has been released from jail.

The slain man, Thomas Taylor Pitt, 32, started the April 13 confrontation by going to the Travelodge on Oak Street where Ceballos was in the company of a woman and child, Assistant District Attorney Joseph Kinzel said in an email.

Pitt was armed at different points of the encounter with a knife or metal bar, Kinzel said. When they first fought, both Pitt and Ceballos were armed with knives but neither was fatally wounded.

There was a lull in the fight during which Pitt grabbed a metal bar, Kinzel said. He again went after Ceballos.

It was then Pitt was fatally wounded.

“Based on the video evidence, it was determined that there was currently insufficient evidence to prove that the fatal stabbing was not done in reasonable self-defense or reasonable defense of others (the woman and child), a necessary element that must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in order to substantiate a homicide charge,” Kinzel said.