BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Authorities found nearly $100,000 in cash, roughly 95 pounds of methamphetamine and about 2.2 pounds of cocaine in an apartment following a fire last week, according to a court filing.

The discovery was made June 16 as firefighters were extinguishing a blaze in a second-story apartment in the 2400 block of McCray Street, according to a warrant filed in Superior Court.

Firefighters checked the apartment below for safety reasons. Not finding anyone home, they moved furniture “in case the fire was not able to be contained and the structural integrity of the building would case firemen above to fall through the ceiling,” the filing says.

A firefighter found a large amount of cash after moving a dresser, according to the warrant, and when he opened a duffel bag to place the money inside he found it contained suspected drugs.

The warrant says sheriff’s deputies were dispatched and found the following: suspected cocaine, $11,102 in cash and two digital scales on top of a bed; suspected meth in a black suitcase in the living room; $44,950 in cash inside a headphones box in the bedroom closet; and $43,500 in cash in a black Dior box in the bedroom closet.

A Shafter police officer was also involved in the search.

Charges were not listed against the person named on the apartment’s lease as of Wednesday afternoon.