BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — After using her GMC Yukon to pick up their daughter, Victor Rivera returned and said he “screwed up,” the woman told investigators.

Knowing Rivera’s violent temper, she didn’t ask for details, but he told her he “popped someone,” the woman said according to newly-released sheriff’s reports filed in court. She understood he had shot someone.

Watching the news later, she realized the person had died.

She and Rivera share four children in common, the woman told detectives, but he has abused her and she’s afraid of him. She said she has moved away in the past but he always tracks her down.

Rivera, 35, currently isn’t going anywhere.

Held without bail, he’s charged with first-degree murder in the death of Andrew John Camacho, 27. Witness statements, surveillance video and the recovery of handgun parts in a van driven by Rivera led to his arrest, according to the court documents.

Video footage shows a GMC Yukon and Ford Mustang drive away after the Nov. 1 shooting on Rembrandt Street, south of Niles Street and west of Oswell Street, the documents say. Audio captured multiple gunshots.

Shot twice, in the chest and right lower rib cage, Camacho was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the filings.

Police located .45-caliber casings, the reports say.

The owner of the Mustang was tracked down and interviewed. He told police that just before the shooting a man later identified as Rivera accused him of popping his tires. He said he didn’t know what Rivera was talking about, and while they were talking another man approached.

That person and Rivera began arguing and the Mustang owner said he heard Rivera say, “You’re the (expletive) I was looking for” and “You want to do this?,” according to the documents.

About 30 seconds later Rivera, standing by the rear of the Mustang, fired multiple shots, the man told detectives. The Mustang owner sped away but shortly afterward saw the Yukon at a school where Rivera “picked up his kid and dipped out,” the documents say.

Detectives arrested Rivera Nov. 3 after stopping him in a white work van. Rivera gave a false name. A handgun magazine was visible in the van’s center console, according to the documents.

After getting out of the van, a handgun firing pin fell from River’s right front pocket, according to the documents.

“Rivera tried to pick it up, but I took it from him,” a detective wrote.

Detectives found a .45-caliber handgun barrel — the same caliber of the gun used in the shooting — in Rivera’s right front pocket and placed him under arrest, the documents say.

Rivera is due back in court Friday.