BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A motorcycle that police say traveled more than 110 mph on city streets was seized after entering a garage in southwest Bakersfield, according to a court filing.

Police and the California Highway Patrol on April 2 were conducting an operation to combat street racing when a black and gray motorcycle sped by, according to a warrant filed in Superior Court. It refused to pull over.

The motorcycle ran stop signs and a red light as it reached speeds greater than 110 mph, according to the warrant. Officers ended the chase out of concern for public safety.

However, a California Highway Patrol helicopter kept an eye on the bike, which entered a garage in the 10900 block of Villa Hermosa Drive, the warrant says.

Police obtained a warrant and seized a 2007 Suzuki motorcycle, the filing says. A possible suspect named in the warrant had not been charged as of Monday.