BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A Bakersfield woman told authorities she gave her 15-year-old son the keys to her Dodge Challenger with the expectation he would only make a quick trip to the market and come straight home.

But authorities say the teen went on a joy ride with three passengers, driving on city streets at 100 mph before careering through Polo Community Park, leading police on a chase then crashing into a tree.

One of his passengers suffered fatal injuries in the June 10 crash, according to newly-released police reports. All of the car’s occupants were injured, police said.

Candie Springer, the boy’s mother, is facing a felony child cruelty charge and a misdemeanor charge of allowing an unlicensed driver to operate a motor vehicle. She’s free on $20,500 bail and has a preliminary hearing scheduled next month.

Springer, 45, told police no one was supposed to be in the car with her son, according to the reports filed in Superior Court.

The teen, whose name is redacted from the reports, is charged in juvenile court with vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and fleeing the scene, among other related offenses, according to the District Attorney’s office. He has a hearing scheduled later this month.

He admitted to being “dumb” and driving recklessly, the reports say.

“Numerous witnesses were interviewed in connection to this incident and confirmed that not only was (the teen) driving recklessly through the park prior to (an officer’s) arrival and at the time (the officer) arrived, but also that (the officer’s) overhead and blue emergency lights were activated at the time he was pursuing after (the Dodge) as (the teen) was attempting to flee the scene,” an investigator wrote in the documents.

It’s estimated the Dodge was traveling 43 mph when it hit the tree as the teen attempted to turn from Noriega Road onto Philadelphia Avenue, documents said. The teen ran but was immediately caught.

The front of the car caught fire. Two passengers managed to get out on their own, the reports say, but the passenger in the front seat had been knocked unconscious and an officer removed him from the car.

The driver suffered a broken right arm and right ankle, according to the documents. One passenger had a cut tongue, another a cut to his head and a broken left hand, the reports say.

The front seat passenger suffered major head trauma, according to the documents, and was taken to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He died the morning of June 22, documents said.