BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — After a convicted felon failed to show for sentencing, police went to his home.

There, they found a total of 31 guns, some homemade, the arsenal comprising 21 rifles and 10 handguns.

Matthew Lytle, the man they were looking for, acknowledged he’s not allowed to have firearms, according to court documents filed by detectives. He told investigators he knew there were guns in the home he shared with his mother and brother, but didn’t know whose they were.

That explanation wasn’t enough to spare Lytle, 35, and his brother, Cameron Lytle, 29, from getting arrested and facing nearly two dozen criminal charges, among them 15 counts of possession of an assault rifle.

The documents, released this week, provide more detail on the brothers’ Oct. 18 arrests on North Stine Road, west of Real Road and north of Stockdale Highway.

Cameron Lytle admitted owning two handguns and three rifles, documents said. He told police he built a few guns himself.

Both men remain in custody and are due back in court later this month.

Police said guns were found in the home and a detached shed. Thirty were operable.

Thousands of lives rounds of various caliber were located, as well as 200 ammo magazines, according to the documents. Some magazines were taped and wrapped for distribution, documents said.

Materials used to make firearms — drills, files, gauges, wrenches, sight adjustment tools — were found, police said. Also located were a couple grams of suspected fentanyl, eight suspected ecstasy pills, a digital scale and a large amount of small plastic baggies.