BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Sabrina Martinez claimed she had her 3-month-old with her when three men attacked her outside a liquor store, according to newly-released sheriff’s reports.

She said she drove home and left the baby with her boyfriend, Mister Bailey, then went to a hospital. While there she got a call from Bailey: the baby had stopped breathing.

The child was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead, an autopsy finding bruising on his forehead and bleeding on the brain.

Detectives determined Martinez was lying and, after collecting evidence including Ring videos that captured multiple incidents where Bailey assaulted three young children in their Tehachapi home — including throwing the baby across the room onto a bed — murder and child cruelty charges were filed against the couple. Martinez sometimes laughed when Bailey assaulted the children, investigators said the videos show.

Bailey, 30, and Martinez, 28, were arrested last month and are held without bail. They’re due back in court next week.

Tehachapi police conducted the initial investigation before the Kern County Sheriff’s Office took over.

Within days of the baby’s Dec. 22, 2020, death, Bailey’s internet history showed searches for, “How to poison yourself fast,” “How to tell if the police are tapping your cell phone,” and “Great defense attorney for domestic violence and things to do with kids kern county,” according to reports filed in Superior Court.

Police said Bailey, listed as 6-foot-6 and 236 pounds, became angry when told he couldn’t enter his home while officers searched it the day of the incident. He asked what areas they planned on searching and insisted they only enter the baby’s bedroom, filings say.

The baby was still alive at that point and police said Bailey appeared indifferent to his condition.

An officer wrote Bailey seemed “wholly unconcerned with (the baby’s) critical health status; he was not upset, crying, or distraught. In fact, he never mentioned (the baby) or his condition.”

On Jan. 5, 2021, Ring provided investigators with numerous videos shot inside the home showing incidents of child abuse, according to the reports.

In one, dated the night of Dec. 19, 2020, Bailey picks up the baby, yells in his face then throws him across the bed, where he lands face first, according to the filings. Martinez stood in the doorway and laughed, the reports say.

Early the next day, footage captured Bailey pull a gun from a bag and leave it on a table in reach of the two older children. He later picks up the gun and dances with it, the muzzle pointing in the general direction of two of the children, the reports say. He then places the gun on a couch.

In other videos, Bailey can be heard cursing at the children. He tells one child, “I’m about to (expletive) you up bro, I really (expletive) should!,” the filings say.

Martinez is also seen hitting and swearing at the children, according to the reports.

Months before the baby’s death, Martinez reported another situation where unknown people assaulted her, according to the filings. Investigators believed Bailey beat her and she lied to keep him out of trouble.

The couple’s then-5-year-old, interviewed by a social worker, said Bailey “whooped him with a belt,” hitting him as he held him upside down by his leg, according to the filings. The child said there were numerous instances where Bailey hit him with a belt, clothes hanger or fist.

He said his mother knew Bailey hit him but didn’t tell anyone, reports say.

Asked about the baby’s death, the child said he didn’t see any fighting.

“His eyes was all like open,” the boy said according to the filings. “And, his stomach was all full.”

He didn’t know where blood found in the home came from.

“My, my brother’s dead,” he said.