BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — In 2017, the ex-girlfriend of Ralfeal Torrez invited him to her home after he asked to borrow money. She gave him $50.

Torrez became angry. He told her he wanted $100, according to court documents.

Torrez allegedly grabbed his ex by the throat and pushed her toward a wall, knocking her through it. Deputies investigating the incident found a large hole in the wall.

Torrez was charged with misdemeanor counts of spousal battery and vandalism.

That case had not been resolved when community organizations last month donated furnishings for the military veteran’s new apartment and toys for his children. In addition to the spousal abuse case, Torrez faces felony child abuse charges for allegedly injuring his children after receiving the donations.

A trial in the misdemeanor case is scheduled Jan. 18 and a preliminary hearing in the felony case is set for Jan. 26.

In the misdemeanor case, deputies were called to the home of Torrez’s ex early Feb. 28, 2017. She told them she invited Torrez over after he said he needed money.

“He came to the apartment drunk,” the ex said according to the documents.

When she refused to give him more than $50, Torrez grabbed her by the throat with one hand and shoved her, she said according to the documents. She crashed through the wall but got back up and pushed Torrez out the door.

Torrez put his hands on the door frame to stop her from closing the door, she told deputies. She kicked and pushed him off the frame then closed the door and the security door. She then heard him pulling on the security door, she told deputies.

The screen attached to the security door was pulled off and damaged, deputies said in the documents.

The ex said the incident occurred in front of one of the children, who was in a play pen near the damaged wall, according to the documents. The other children were asleep.

She said she wasn’t injured and declined medical attention, the documents say. Asked if she would testify against Torrez, she said, “Maybe.”

Deputies arrested Torrez. He didn’t show for his court hearing and a misdemeanor failure to appear charge was filed against him, according to court records.

Nearly five years later, the case still hasn’t been resolved.

According to his ex, Torrez was awarded full custody of his children in early December. The donated items were given to him on Dec. 22. Congressman Kevin McCarthy was among those who arrived at Torrez’s apartment with gifts.

On Christmas Day, the ex, who has visitation rights on Saturday and holidays, picked up the children and noticed bruising and what appeared to be “choke marks” on one of them, she told investigators. She found marks on the other children — all of who are 9 or younger — and called police.

One child told police his father hit him in the legs with a white cord. Another said Torrez beat them with a belt then choked him and pushed him against a wall, the filings say.

In speaking with the ex, officers noticed bruising near her eyes. She told them Torrez punched her several times Nov. 28 outside a thrift store.

The ex explained there was a history of domestic violence in their relationship, and he’d been drinking, according to the documents. She declined medical aid.

Torrez denied intentionally harming his children but said he grabbed one of his sons by the neck because he was acting up during a trip to Walmart. He told police the children play rough and hit each other with belts.

The groups that organized the donations said the items given to Torrez will be awarded to other veterans if he’s convicted. The children will keep their toys.