BAKESFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Surveillance footage caught a gang member known as “Bad Boy” fighting with another man later found dead near railroad tracks at North Chester Avenue and Norris Road, according to court filings.

Reports filed by sheriff’s investigators say the video shows Michael Castillo struggle with Francisco Xavier Rodriguez Jr. in a parking lot just before a shooting occurs late May 15. A drive-thru menu sign the shooting but another camera captured audio of “seven rapid gunshots,” according to filings that became available Monday.

The video shows Rodriguez, 30, run through the parking lot to the area where he was found dead.

Castillo, 36, is charged with first-degree murder, gun possession by a felon and resisting arrest. The reports say he and Rodriguez were the only people in the parking lot, and a probation officer who viewed the footage helped identify Castillo as the gunman.

According to the filings, footage shows the men walk together to the parking lot. Castillo’s address is listed about a block away.

Deputies arrested Castillo May 25 after a short foot chase in which he jumped a fence and deputies fought off an aggressive dog, the reports say.

Castillo is held without bail and due back in court Sept. 15.