MCFARLAND, Calif. (KGET) — A McFarland High School teacher sent sexually explicit text messages to a student telling him “I can’t breathe without you” and “I’m only yours,” according to a court document filed Tuesday.

Elvia Gonzalez also sent the 17-year-old student a photo of herself in a bra, investigators who examined the teen’s phone wrote in the document.

Questioned by McFarland police, the student said he had sex with Gonzalez between 10 to 15 times, about half the time without protection, according to the document. He said they showered together at Gonzalez’s residence when her children were away.

The document provides more details in the case against Gonzalez, who was arrested Oct. 12, and how school officials learned of the alleged relationship between her and the student.

Gonzalez is charged with unlawful sexual intercourse and contacting a minor with the intent to commit a sexual offense.

The document says on Oct. 11 two McFarland High students appeared to be under the influence and, per school policy, officials confiscated their cellphones during the investigation. A staff member saw one student’s phone had a text message from “Elvia” asking if he wanted to get breakfast.

The student said “Elvia” was Gonzalez, the report says, and allowed the school’s principal to view his text messages. Gonzalez was immediately placed on administrative leave and the principal contacted police.

The teen told police he began talking to Gonzalez at the end of August because she offered to tutor him. They exchanged phone numbers and flirted with each other. They soon began meeting outside school.

Gonzalez would pick him up and drive them to unincorporated areas outside McFarland, where they had sex in her vehicle, the teen told police.

They last had sex about a week before Gonzalez’s arrest, he said.