BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A man was sentenced to death Thursday for killing a transgender inmate with whom he was housed for roughly eight hours at Kern Valley State Prison.

Before the court proceedings began, however, Miguel Crespo wanted to make it clear he’s not a homosexual and that he told prison officials he was not compatible with the victim. He said he shouldn’t have been placed in the same cell with him.

“I had a restriction not to be housed with a (expletive),” Crespo said, using an anti-gay slur.

The other issue Crespo brought up at sentencing was having to pay a victim restitution fine. He said he’s indigent and asked Judge John Oglesby to waive the fine.

Oglesby told Crespo he’d listened to his concerns and imposed the minimum fine of $300. The maximum fine, the judge told him, is $10,000.

“Three hundred is fine, judge,” Crespo said with a laugh.

Crespo, 48, bound, gagged and tortured Carmen Guerrero before killing her on Oct. 13, 2013.

He alerted correctional officers Guerrero wasn’t moving. When the first officer arrived, Crespo told him he was going to have to do some work tonight because he’d killed Guerrero.

Crespo said he killed Guerrero because she was openly transgender, according to prosecutors.

A jury last month found Crespo guilty of first-degree murder and assault by a life prisoner, and recommended he be sentenced to death.

At the time of the murder, Crespo was serving a life sentence for a murder that occurred in Los Angeles County in 1993. In that case, Crespo shot into an occupied vehicle, killing one person and severely injuring another.