BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Richard Daniel Alvarez knew his son was struggling with mental health issues. He called 911 on multiple occasions.

But Alvarez refused to evict Daniel Schultz-Alvarez from the apartment they shared.

On June 13, Schultz-Alvarez fatally stabbed his 71-year-old father. He first told police he tripped while holding two knives as he prepared to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Later he said he’s schizophrenic and had been under the control of evil spirits, according to court documents.

He said the spirits told him, “You’re gonna go out with a bang! You’re gonna die! You’re gonna kill your dad!”

Schultz-Alvarez, 38, was sentenced Thursday to 11 years in prison after pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter.

Prosecutor Cole Sherman read a statement written by a family member who said Alvarez treated his son well and was aware of the potential dangers of Schultz-Alvarez’s mental health issues and drug use. Family told police Schultz-Alvarez used methamphetamine, reports say.

The relative’s statement said Alvarez ignored his son’s need for mental health treatment. The relative asked Schultz-Alvarez be placed in a facility where he can get help.

The killing has caused grief and pain and to led to divisions within the family, according to the statement.

The stabbing occurred at an apartment on South Real Road. Alvarez was found unresponsive on a couch and declared dead at the scene. A four-inch steak knife with blood on it was in a drying rack next to the sink, according to the reports.

Schultz-Alvarez was sobbing and had blood on his hands and bare feet, according to the documents. He yelled, “I hope he’s still alive,” then said, “I’m sorry,” and “I stabbed him.”