BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A Kern County jury on Friday convicted a man of murder in a shooting that killed a man in a south Bakersfield McDonald’s parking lot.

Jurors found Christian Campos not guilty of first-degree murder and instead convicted him of second-degree murder, and found two firearms enhancements to be true. Campos faces up to 40 years to life in prison at his May 9 sentencing.

Campos, 21, was found guilty of killing Daniel Macias, 24, on April 13, 2019. Macias suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his head and upper body.

Prosecutors say Campos drove a pickup through a shopping center to where Macias was parked. He got out and fired 16 shot into Macias’ car with an AR-15 rifle, a District Attorney’s office release said.

Campos then sped away, prosecutors said.

An informant contacted police about two weeks later and named Campos as a possible suspect, according to court documents. A search of a laptop used by Campos revealed a text conversation indicating Campos knew Macias and had recently met him at the McDonald’s where the shooting occurred, documents said.

The GPS coordinates of Campos’ phone showed it was in the area of the shooting when it occurred, investigators said, and a witness positively identified Campos’ gray Dodge pickup as the suspect vehicle.