BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A Madera man admitted to rear-ending a vehicle on Union Avenue, sparking a deadly chain-reaction crash involving 10 vehicles, then leaving the scene, according to a warrant filed in Superior Court.

Police say in the filing the driver may have drunk alcohol before the crash.

Jose Catarino-Reyes, 19, told police he drove the Chevy Silverado that rear-ended a vehicle the evening of Nov. 16, inflicting fatal injuries to its driver and resulting in the pileup, according to the warrant.

His brother, Antonio Catarino-Reyes, 25, had been following him.

“Immediately after the collision, Jose Catarino-Reyes exited his vehicle, got into Antonio Catarino-Reyes’ vehicle, which was following him at the time of the collision, and fled the scene,” an investigator wrote in the document.

The brothers were arrested in Madera, and during a police interview they said they were in the area of Edison Highway and Highway 58 before the crash, the filing says.

Investigators viewed surveillance footage at the Edison Market and Deli showing the brothers and several other people drinking what appeared to be alcoholic beverages for several hours before the crash, according to the filing. Before leaving, Jose Catarino-Reyes purchased a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra, the filing says.

Police have said the Silverado ran a red light at Union Avenue and 21st Street. Fedricia Harrison, 40, the driver who was rear-ended, died Nov. 19.

As of Thursday afternoon, charges had not been filed.