BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Convicted murderer Jamie Osuna fired his attorneys in June, and his new lawyer is picking up where they left off, continuing to fight psychiatrists’ findings stating he is competent to stand trial in the death of his cellmate.

Attorney Hugo Gomez-Vidal on Friday requested a defense expert examine Osuna, telling a Kings County judge he believes his client remains incompetent — meaning he doesn’t understand court proceedings and is unable to cooperate with defense counsel.

Judge Michael Reinhart, noting it would likely take at least 60 days to assign an expert and get a report of their findings, set the next hearing for late September.

Reinhart also said he believes Osuna is not entitled to a jury trial; a judge would hear his case instead.

Osuna, 34, is accused of killing cellmate Luis Romero, 44, the night of March 8, 2019. Romero was decapitated and other body parts were removed. Guards discovered the grisly scene after ordering Osuna to remove a sheet placed over the window of the cell.

Last year, criminal proceedings were suspended when a judge ruled Osuna incompetent to stand trial after hearing testimony from two psychiatrists. Osuna was transferred to a psychiatric inpatient program for treatment, where months later psychiatrists said he had been restored to competency.

At the time of Romero’s death, Osuna was serving life without parole for the torture-slaying of Yvette Pena in Bakersfield. He pleaded guilty in 2017 to first-degree murder and other charges filed in Pena’s killing.