BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A man accused of holding his ex-girlfriend at gunpoint while forcing her to take pills to induce a miscarriage has pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter, according to court records.

Jagmeet Sandhu pleaded no contest Wednesday and five other charges — including murder — were dismissed, according to the records.

He faces a year in jail and probation terms at his Aug. 31 sentencing, prosecutor Eric Smith said. The plea deal was offered after a thorough review of the evidence, Smith said, noting Sandhu is pleading to a homicide charge in the death of the fetus.

During an interview with police, Sandhu said he comes from a traditional Punjabi family and the cultural differences between his and his ex’s families meant the relationship would never work. He said his family had expressed disappointment and was “very upset” with him impregnating the ex, according to court documents.

He never introduced the woman — described only as “non-Indian” — to his family during the 11 months they dated, reports say.

His ex told police she broke up with Sandhu three weeks before the Dec. 10, 2019, incident because he kept pressuring her to have an abortion. He never returned the key to her home and entered that night and forced her to swallow the pills, according to her statement in court documents.

The 12-weeks pregnant woman said he told her, “Take these pills or I’m going to kill you.”

She became ill afterward and Sandhu left, the woman told police. She went to a hospital where a doctor said the fetus died as a direct result of the pills.

Sandhu denied owning a gun or engaging in criminal activity.