BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Documents show informants led investigators to the body of Desiree Thompson, a woman originally reported missing in 2012.

Remains believed to be Thompson’s, were located after informants provided information about who killed her and where her body was concealed, according to court documents.

Thompson was reported missing by a friend on Jan. 7, 2012, who said Thompson left her apartment for cigarettes and never returned, according to documents.

Earlier the same day, Thompson was assaulted by her estranged husband and left before police could arrive. He has never been located or questioned about the domestic violence call or her disappearance.

But documents tell a completely different story; one which has nothing to do with her estranged husband. Instead, they mention California City resident Jose Lara, 60.

Documents say informants told California City Police Department officers that Lara had been talking about, in detail, how he killed a woman with the same description as Thompson and buried her in the backyard of 20310 86th St. in California City, a residence Lara was renting at the time of the killing.

The informants say all information was told to them by Lara including how he killed Thompson, when and where he buried her body, the documents say.

During an interview, one informant told officers that Lara said he was at a party called a “Diablo Party” on the night of Jan. 7, 2012.

Lara told the informant that he was assaulted by three individuals who said he was not welcome and told him to leave, according to the documents. Lara then went home before returning to the area near the party and parked in hopes of finding the people who allegedly assaulted him.

Documents say while Lara was waiting in his car he saw two people walking away from the area and followed one of them in his truck believing that it may have been one of the individuals that “disrespected” him.

Lara described the woman as “a thick, Black or Half-Black female.” Lara then told the informant he was still very angry, wanted revenge and it didn’t matter on who.

During the confessions to the informants, Lara said he invited the woman, who Lara said was Thompson, to his house for beers, He then bashed her head into a mini-fridge and stabbed her to death in his bedroom, according to documents.

Lara said he then buried her in the backyard and covered the area with a tarp and a piece of plywood, according to the documents. He used the tarp to block the view from a two-story residence that could see into the backyard.

Lara said it took him through the night and into the morning to dig the grave, according to documents.

Sometime later, Lara moved the body to the desert near Cantil, Calif., according to documents. Lara told an informant that while he was digging up the body, his dog began to chew on it.

As a result of the information provided by the informants, CCPD served a search warrant at 20310 86th Street on March 25, according to the documents. During the search, police located human remains in the backyard and what appeared to be blood on a bedroom floor in the residence.

Both the blood and remains are believed to belong to Thompson.

On March 25, Lara was arrested and booked into the Kern County Jail, according to court records. Lara is being held on first-degree murder charges.

When questioned by police during his arrest, Lara was asked multiple questions related to the death of Thompson. Lara answered, “You think you know, prove it,” and, “You have what you have, bring it,” according to the documents.

Lara is due back in court on Wednesday.