BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A mother was pushing her two daughters in a stroller through a parking lot in northwest Bakersfield when a woman “came out of nowhere” and blocked her path.

“I want that baby,” the woman told the mother, according to newly-released court filings.

The mother backed up and screamed for help and the other woman swung a plastic bag, hitting her in the arm, she told deputies. She ran inside a store and had an employee call 911.

Alina Serda was identified shortly afterward as the woman who tried kidnapping the children in the stroller and another child nearby the evening of Nov. 23 in the area of Olive and Knudsen drives, according to sheriff’s officials.

Serda, 18, was found not competent to stand trial earlier this month and has a hearing Jan. 10 to determine in which state mental hospital she’ll be housed. Criminal proceedings have been suspended.

The mother of the other child Serda allegedly tried to kidnap told investigators she was walking south on Knudsen Drive when a red pickup slowed next to her and a woman got out.

That woman, later identified as Serda, said, “That’s my little brother, give me my brother,” the mother said according to the filings.

The mother said she quickly turned to walk away but fell. Serda ran toward her and tried to grab her child, the mother said, but she managed to get up and run toward a group of people.

Serda followed her and again tried grabbing the child but missed, the woman told investigators. She said Serda then hit her in the back of the head with a purse before others pushed Serda and she ran away.

It’s unclear who was driving the pickup that Serda got out of, but investigators say in the filings the mother’s account is backed up by surveillance footage.

Both mothers identified Serda as the woman who tried to take their children, the filings say.

The mother of the children in the stroller told investigators Serda looked “possessed” during the confrontation.