BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The first officers to arrive at the home of Joe Salazar Estrada’s central Bakersfield home the night of Feb. 10 found two men on the ground with gunshot wounds and a third sitting on the front step.

The men on the ground were Estrada and his brother. Estrada, 78, died at the scene. His brother survived.

An officer approached the third man, who spontaneously said, “I had to shoot them! They were going to kill me!” according to court documents.

That man, Dan Ryan, 25, told police Estrada was his grandfather. During a later interview, he made a number of bizarre comments, saying he heard voices telling him one of the victims had killed his grandmother, he was a sharpshooter because he played “Warzone,” and one of the victims had planned to kill him “over a power struggle,” the documents say.

Ryan has pleaded not guilty to charges including first-degree murder and attempted murder, and is held without bail. He’s due back in court June 9.

Estrada’s brother, whose name is redacted from the reports, told police he went to Estrada’s house in the area of Myrtle and 3rd streets because he received an alert an alarm was going off.

He rang the doorbell and heard an argument going on inside. Estrada opened the door, and Ryan stood near him.

The brother told police Estrada and Ryan were not biologically related but Estrada had raised Ryan from a child as his grandson.

Estrada and Ryan continued arguing, and Ryan at one point said something that offended the brother, according to the reports. The brother said he took a step toward Ryan and told him to watch what he said.

Estrada then said, “He’s gone nuts, he’s crazy,” and told the brother Ryan had a gun, according to the documents.

At that moment, Ryan kicked the brother in the chest, knocking him onto the front porch, the documents say.

The brother heard three “popping” sounds he assumed were gunshots. He couldn’t see what happened, but heard Estrada say “oh no” followed by three more pops, the reports say.

Afterward, Ryan screamed and said, “I’m sorry. I love you guys,” the brother told police.

The brother, who suffered gunshot wounds to an elbow and thigh, said Estrada owned a gun he kept in an electronic safe, but Ryan had figured out how to open it without a passcode. He said he didn’t talk with Ryan often and didn’t know of any conflict between him and Estrada.