History of abuse: Court documents show multiple incidents of violence occurred before September double homicide

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Moris Gilmete in court Sept. 25.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — In the years before he allegedly gunned down his ex-wife and her brother, Moris Gilmete was convicted multiple times of assaulting the woman.

Court documents show a pattern of abuse beginning nearly a decade ago. In each incident, he beat or threatened Louise Abraham, she contacted police and he eventually accepted a plea agreement.

That happened three times from 2010 to 2012. The documents indicate all of those incidents, plus the September killing of the 34-year-old Abraham, occurred in front of their children.

Following are the domestic violence cases involving Gilmete as described in court documents:

— On Dec. 29, 2010, police were called to an apartment on Bernard Street where they spoke with Abraham. She told them she and Gilmete had argued earlier that day.

She said Gilmete punched her twice in the arm and told her “you need to find somewhere else to go.” She walked into the living room and he grabbed her from behind by her shoulder and punched her several times on the top of her head.

When Abraham grabbed her cellphone, Gilmete took it from her and threw it against a wall, breaking it. She told police she waited a while and managed to get out of the apartment and went to a nearby friend’s house, where she called police.

Officers contacted Gilmete, who said he lost his temper and pushed Abraham and broke her phone. He was arrested and later pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge where he was sentenced to two days in jail and three years of probation.

— On July 29, 2011, police were called to the Bernard Street apartment where Abraham said she and Gilmete had argued the night before because they were being evicted. She left because of the argument, and she told police when she returned home that morning Gilmete slapped her face and punched her on top of her head and left eye.

Police observed swelling and bruising to her eye.

Gilmete admitted to pushing her but said he never slapped or punched her. He pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery and was sentenced to 39 days in jail and three years of probation.

— On July 8, 2012, police were called to an apartment on California Avenue where Abraham said Gilmete had sent her a text message to retrieve some of his belongings. She said they had been separated a year and hadn’t lived together during that time, and she had a court-ordered criminal restraining order against him.

Abraham told police Gilmete showed up at her apartment and, when she refused to let him in, kicked in the bathroom window. Two of her children were taking a bath at the time. One of them suffered a cut to his foot from a piece of shattered glass.

Afraid for her safety, Abraham said she ran to a neighbor for help. Gilmete left, but later sent a threatening text message.

Gilmete pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of making threats and violating a court order and was sentenced to 68 days in jail and three years of probation.

— Early Sept. 23, 2019, Abraham and her brother, Carlos Abraham, 20, were shot dead at an apartment complex in the 600 block of Union Avenue.

Gilmete, 39, was arrested after a short chase where he crashed a pickup.

He told police he held a revolver to Carlos Abraham’s head and the gun accidentally fired.

After that happened, Gilmete told police, he decided to shoot “everyone,” because he couldn’t get in more trouble than he already faced.

He said he fired three or four times then looked for more bullets to kill the rest of his “enemies,” according to court documents.

Gilmete is being held without bail on two counts of first-degree murder. He’s next due in court in January.

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